Danielle (barelcwgal) wrote,

Secret: Sometimes I tell you what you want to hear and not the truth. Sometimes I agree with the comments others make about you.

Love: Mark and I have been together two years (yesterday). He bought me roses, different colors, because those of the kind of flowers he first bought me. (For my...19th birthday?) He's the best boyfriend in the world. (He told me to write that, hahaha!)

Sucks: I spent yesterday moving more junk from my Dads old house to my Moms shed. This has been going on for months, now. Dad was renting his old house and had been for 4 years - the owners gave him 3 months to move out because they're giving the house to their daughter - and then cut that short, down to 3 days. So the entire thing has been really upsetting and I've done most of the physical moving (with help from Mr.Freckle boy.) I'm really sick of bailing all of my family out of shit and dealing with their bologna. Makes me wish I went to...Kentucky for college or something.

REALLY sucks: I take Belle to my Moms during the day and leave her there to play with Moms dogs. (Beagle, Poodle, Lab/Killer mix) AND now Dads dogs are there because if she didnt take them they'd be homless (German S./Lab mix, Collie). Shes trying to find a home for a couple of the dogs. Well, today, the Lab/Killer mix (haha) broke the back gate open. He, the Beagle and my puppy made a run for it. My Dad randomly drove by and saw the gate open. The dog warden had been chasing Beagle and Bone Cruncher for about 4 hours. My dog was MIA. She ended up being at the dog wardens already but for about an hour I thought she was dead/missing forever/stolen/maimed.

I seriously cried for an hour straight, worried about her. I had to leave class to search for her. I love that damned little thing.

School isnt very fun. I've had about 50ish crickets in my house for 2 months now. I just finished collecting data today - a poster with abstract, methods, etc etc is due Tuesday.

To do: Stats lab (only one more after this!), HUGE paper for Lab Methods (due Friday). Lab Methods Lab (one more after this!) Lab Methods homework (last one!). Thats it, till exam week. I have two exams the week before exam week, though...

Then I need to get job. Where should I work?
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